A request for assistance with a project I started for OpenBSD
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Chris Bennett
2016-08-05 13:56:29 UTC
There are a number of systems in OpenBSD that work essentially
independently of the main flow.

I decided, enthusiastically, to tackle the LPD/LPR system, which is
outdated but essential.

It needs new code or throw away the existing code and start fresh.
It needs proper security.
It needs to have IPP, Internet Printing Protocol.
It will also need many other things I haven't even thought of.

Although many use CUPS instead, LPD is essential.
Read the Licenses of CUPS and be appalled.

I spent a ton of time studying this whole problem and realized I cannot
tackle this big of a project alone.

This is a project that can be worked on without interfering with
anything else.

So I am asking for any NON-developers if they would like to help me with
this project.

I don't care how this works. I don't need to be in charge, there really
are too many areas that need extensive work.

And there is a critical need for people in a variety of environments and
systems to DO TESTING.

There are printers that do not respond properly to IPP or LPD.

I have a hunch that this project will need a core that is written in C,
but will also need something like Perl to rapidly add new changes that
pop up in the future.

It is essential that LPD continue to support old equipment. There is a
lot of that being used and it must be supported.

The developers are busy juggling 15 balls in the air at once and really
can't get involved in this project because of the great amount of work
AND time this will take.

So I am asking for anyone that can code.
Anyone that can test.

You may reply to me on-list or off-list.
If you reply off-list, please tell me if you want your email private or
if it can be made public to others.

Thanks to anyone who would like to help,
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
2016-08-05 15:14:55 UTC
I would be happy to help with testing.
I'm ok with my email being public

What architecture(s) are you running?
What are you using for printers?
Are you running off of a print server machine or just a single
machine(s) connected to printer(s)?

Are you using lpd now or CUPS or a direct print to a port?

Any problems right now?
Are you using any ports or self-written filters?

What do you want changed or improved or unbroken?

USB, serial, lpt, WiFi?

Do you have to get any firmware like some HP printers?

Does your printer itself have a broken set-up straight from the factory,
I.E. they manufactured it wrong for all OS's?

Going to post this to misc@

One concern I have with the OpenBSD mailing lists is the sheer volume of
messages is enormous, which is great, but I find myself a little lost in
finding threads about something specific, like this, very difficult.
If anyone has suggestions about that, I would welcome it.

Chris Bennett